May - Dec 2017

Software Engineer in Research Intern

Google Research (Mountain View, CA)

  • I was hosted by Ilya Mironov in the Privacy and Security team of Google Brain

Feb - March 2017

Visiting Student Researcher

Stanford University (Stanford, CA)

  • I visited Dan Boneh’s group to work on adversarial machine learning
  • Evaluated the dimensionality of the space of transferable adversarial examples
  • Defended a model by training on adversarial examples from an ensemble of models
  • Our work is the basis for allmost all of the leading entries of the NIPS ’17 adversarial competition

May - August 2016

Software Engineer in Research Intern

Google Research (Mountain View, CA)

August 2014 - May 2018

Computer Security Graduate Research Assistant

Penn State University (State College, PA)

  • Designed algorithms to craft inputs manipulating deep neural networks
  • Introduced distillation to mitigate adversarial manipulations of neural networks
  • Proposed an attack against remotely-hosted and black-box machine learning systems
  • I was awarded the Google PhD Fellowship in Security for my research
  • I was awarded a $3,000 prize from Microsoft for my vision on cybersecurity
  • Disseminated research through a survey article, open-source contributions, and a blog

May - July 2014

Software Engineer and Project Manager Intern

Orange (Lyon, France)

Development of a knowledge base containing internal documents. The knowledge base enables experts to find information thanks to an application.

  • Managed a knowledge base software project from conception to production
  • Defined the architecture and specifications of the application and database
  • Developed internal indexing system and search engine for 10,000 documents
  • Provided search suggestions using machine learning techniques
  • Deployed product on corporate network and trained 10 initial users

July 2013

Engineer Intern

Colas (Sarrebourg, France)

  • Contributed to elaboration of 5 public contract proposals in the design office
  • Worked on the new high-speed train connection between Paris and Germany
  • Analyzed the management structure of a multinational corporation

June - July 2008

Computer Science summer camp Instructor

iCamp Children Technology Workshop (Toronto, Canada)

  • Taught video-game and software programming to about a hundred children
  • Robotics programming using Lego Mindstorms technology
  • Maintained 30 workstations and robotics equipment used by students

Teaching Experience

Fall 2017

Guest lecturer for CSE 543: Introduction to Computer and Network Security

Spring 2017

Co-instructor for CSE 597: Advanced Topics in the Security and Privacy of Machine Learning

Fall 2016

Co-instructor for CSE 597: Security and Privacy of Machine Learning


Since 2016

cleverhans: benchmarking adversarial examples


Automation of image processing

I managed this one-year project for the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission. This project is confidential so I can not give much details on its content. I worked on this project with 4 other students from Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

  • We programmed an algorithm used to identify bacterias using MatLab
  • We developed a motorized platform automation software using LabView

Construction of a 3D scanner

I was responsible for the construction of a 3D scanner with three other students from my engineering college at Ecole Centrale de Lyon. We based our work on an existing 3D scanner model and built our own 3D scanner in the college's fablab. After designing and building our own model, we studied ways to improve its performances.

Computer science, mecanics and electronics are some of the fields I had to use throughout the project. 3D modeling software and a laser cutting machine were used in mecanics. I learned how to use the Arduino platform for the electronic aspect of the project. The Processing langage was also an important key to the project.

Read more about the project (in French)


Elliptic Curve Cryptography

While I was studying mathematics and computer science at Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris, I did some research on Elliptic Curve Cryptography. My research project's subject was "Which benefits Elliptic curves used as a cryptosystem bring to cryptography?". I presented my work and results during a seminary held at the Lycée Louis-le-Grand. You will find the slides I used during the seminary below (they are in French).

Seminary's website (in French) Project paper (in French) Slides (in French)

Student Government Experience


Member of the Board

Ecole Centrale de Lyon's student government

  • Supervised the operations of about 150 elected members
  • Reviewed bylaws and voted operating budget ($700,000)


Communication Manager

Ecole Centrale de Lyon's student musical

  • Worked on communication with both students and sponsors
  • Maintained the event's website
  • Managed logistics during 4 rehearsal weekends and 3 shows (1200 spectators)


Information System Manager

Ecole Centrale de Lyon's student sports tournament

  • Added functionalities to the system to manage enrollments, housing, teams and facilities used by the 3000 participants.
  • Maintained the system during one year using PHP/MySQL



Ecole Centrale de Lyon's student-run printing department

  • Managed operations of an 8 person team and negotiated contracts worth $120,000
  • Coded an online store to manage orders placed remotely by students (PHP/SQL)
  • Initiated a reform with the college’s provost to improve quality of lecture notes