Since 2014

Penn State University (State College, PA, USA)

Ph.D. & M.S. student in Computer Science and Engineering

  • Advisor: Professor Patrick McDaniel
  • Courses: Machine Learning, Computer and Network Security, Social Networks Data Mining and Analytics, Algorithms Design & Analysis, Performance Evaluation of Queuing Networks, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems Design & Construction

Ecole Centrale de Lyon (Ecully, France)

M.S. in Engineering Sciences

  • Advisor: Professor Thomas Aka
  • Courses include: Algorithm Design & Analysis, Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks, Parallel and Distributed Applications, Multimedia Concepts and Technologies, Databases, Web Programming, Electrical Engineering, Systems Control, Software Engineering, Electronic Systems, Signal Processing
  • Second year team project : Automation of a medical imaging process at the CEA (Grenoble, France)

Ecole Centrale de Lyon (Ecully, France)

B.S. in Engineering Sciences

  • Advisor: Professor Thomas Aka
  • Courses include: Numerical & Applied Analysis, Probability Theory and Statistics, Algorithm Design, Economics and Management
  • First year team project : Design and construction of a 3D scanner for the college’s FabLab

Lycée Louis-Le-Grand (Paris, France)

Preparatory School for Engineering "Grandes Ecoles"

  • An intensive two-year course specialized in mathematics and physics equivalent to the first two years of a B.S. in the United States
  • Courses include: Calculus, Differential Calculus, Geometry, Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Algorithm Design & Analysis, Automata Theory
  • Project : Elliptic curve cryptography

Lycée Saint-Antoine (Phalsbourg, France)

Baccalauréat scientifique

  • French equivalent to Scientific High School Diploma (A-levels)
  • Graduated with high honors

Lycée Français de Toronto (Toronto, Canada)

  • Bilingual education following France's curriculum